Illusion of control.

The chain reaction.

As aware beings we take the liberty to assume that what all we do is in our control. We make decisions, left or right? Forwards or backwards? Up or down? Our own choices and decisions are the core to who we really are. It is pretty simple, the choices we make shape us up but do we really have control over our choices and decisions? The answer to that is pretty simple too. No we don’t. The explanation to that answer isn’t that simple.

Control is an illusion. All and everything we do is nothing but cause and effect. Everything that we see or do has a certain effect on our conscious and subconscious mind. It is for a fact that majority of the brain is subconscious than conscious and everything that we see or do has an effect on us consciously and subconsciously. In other words whatever we experience (no matter how small the cause of the experience) has an effect on our brain even if we don’t realize it. The decisions we make, the way we perceive all life is just a result of those experiences effecting us. The experience of an individual being gives the being an unique identity. The personal experiences that a being faces lead to their own unique way of looking at life and living it that way. A person with a heartbreaking experience would naturally feel gloomy. Now depending on the capability of the mind that gloomy feeling can lead to different levels of sadness, depression etc. All these emotions effect the way we think, talk and choose. Let me explain a simple case. A gloomy person would rather stay at home than be out socialising. In any case the person isn’t free from cause and effect. If staying at home and being totally lost in depression supposedly leads the person to loose all logical hope. The person would inevitably fantasise about a place where things would be different and perfect just like he/she wants it to be. Hope would rise. This hope that is the effect of sadness has the power to be the cause of happiness, love etc. The hopeful person would try to make things like he/she wants. All these events are changing his/her way of choosing and deciding. The gloomy person who once refused to go out, now wants to with new expectations in mind. Everything that lead to that person making the choice to go out was inevitable. His/her choices, emotions and consciousness were just an effect of previous choices, emotions and consciousness.(Human beings can go many different ways choose many different paths. The above context is merely an example.) This example is in the context of all the things that effect us consciously.

We are majorly effected subconsciously as well which has its equal play in our choices, decision and awareness. In a more complex case. Our everyday decisions like left or right? Up or down? Red or blue? Are made seconds before we become aware of them. In a recent study, participants could freely decide if they wanted to press a button with their right or left hand. Using fMRI, researchers would scan the brains of the participants while all of this was going on in order to find out if they could in fact predict which hand the participants would use BEFORE they were consciously aware of the decision. The result of this study proves my point. Brain scan can reveal your decision 7 seconds before you even make it. Click here to know more about the research. Do you see the chain reaction? How one thing inevitably leads to another? How our choices are effected because of our previous choices even though our current choices don’t have a connection with previous ones? Everything we are is simply cause and effect. Everything we are going to be is also cause and effect. We are all going with a flow. You might think you are in control over your choices but in a much deeper reality the choice has already been made by your brain and it is just a matter of time before you realize it and act on it. There is no control in that.

On a much bigger scale some people would like to call it destiny. Whatever it is. It is inevitable. Whatever you go through in a particular time had to happen. In the logic of explaining the fact of no control lies a beautiful sentiment. If our future is already invented due to our present, we should just embrace ourselves and our lives. Just like a chain reaction unfolds. We should be kind and hopeful and be lost in the mesmerizing beauty of the unfolding of our lives.


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